Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Abbot Kinney Festival PIX!

My first time selling the clips at a festival. It was a HUGE SUCCESS! You never know if your customer will be at these things and I can tell you - mine was there! The booth swarmed with women (and a few men) all day long!

I know this pic is totally goofy, but it was taken at the end of the day and I had sold over 100 clips. I wish I had been smart enough to grab my camera at some of the busiest times, but I was occupied talking to the ladies as they came through.
So, enjoy the few snaps I did take!

The morning started with the little girls. Wowsie Wow, these little girls knew what they liked and let their mother's know it! I sold all of my daisies, cosmos and cherry blossoms within the first 3 hours. If anyone has a store that specializes in things for little girls, email me! We need to talk.

This little girl loved the Purple Cosmos
and she was so adorable!

Mom worked hard to find any small clips leftover after the morning ambush for this little one.

The Deep Blue Daisies brought out the blue in this little girls eyes. Too bad she really wanted those shoes off!

My neighbor Jen came by and bought the double white rose. She already has like 5 of my clips, but insisted one more was needed.

Our friend James tried to hold up the tent towards the end of the day. I borrowed an EZ up and either we did not put it up correctly, or it was broken. Either way I am investing in a brand new tent next time.
Thanks, James

This woman must have tried all 200 clips on her hat before she chose Orchid Cyd. I named it after the famous dancer Cyd Charisse.

I have never seen such intent on picking exactly the right flower.

My best friend, Lisa, came by to support sporting her yellow Lily.
Doesn't she look amazing?

These two were so funny.
I also think they must have tried on close to all of the clips.
I plan on having more accessible mirrors next time.

This is Diane.
She found me on facebook.
What a doll.
She and her Mom chose 2 different clips for her and she came back for another! Here is she is pictured with Kate's Orchid.
This clip can dress up or go with jeans.

Look at the face!
Chewy, short for Chewbacca was our friend
Julie's dog and really needed a clip.

This girl was so cute and loved my new cherry clips.

Christine was equally enthusiastic about the
Lavendar Siren Rose.

I cannot seem to find this flower anywhere anymore.
It might be discontinued.
So, she nabbed a rare one!