Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Headgear, Flowers and Femme

Vogue India October 2007
“Bollywood Dreams” + “Behind the Scenes Snapshots”
ph. Patrick Demarchelier
model: Gemma Ward

Even though this shoot is from 2007
Jonesie Cake believes...
Headgear, Flowers and Femme are here to stay!

What do you think?

Sarah Silver

Duston Todd Photography

The prettiest Wedding Photography I have seen!

Duston Todd Photography

Duston Todd Photography Blog

Message in a Bottle Kit

message in a bottle kit
everything you need!

I am so getting this for my nieces for Easter!

Bonjour Mon Coussin

Gorgeous pillows from Bonjour Mon Coussin

Anna Sui - NY Fashion Week

Wallpaper Heaven

Ohhh how LOVE wallpapers!
From Ideal Home

Sam Taylor-Wood

Ssuspended self-portraits by london born Sam Taylor-Wood.

Elsa Nalin

A stylist after my own heart...take a peek into her Paris home.
Thanks to The Selby... Love it!

Elsa Nalin

Alena Nikiforov

Glass Jar Frames

I love sustainable decorating and what a pretty idea for jar!
Glass Jar Frames!

Thanks to photojojo

Jenny Wicks Photography

I am a redhead and hated the fact when I was a child. I heard
I'd rather be dead than read on the head."
I heard "You look like a redheaded step child."
I heard them all...

Well I love my red hair now and think the photo above is simply gorgeous.

Jenny Wicks has documented the
elusive breed for redheads in a series called Root Ginger.

Jenny Wicks photography

Hello Kitty For M.A.C.

If Will Cotton and Natalia Fabia were to have a baby...
I think it would look like this ad for mac cosmetics.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mason Jars

I go the idea for putting my silk flowers in mason jars from the Count Your Blessings Blog. Right now, I have them all tucked away in photo boxes where no one can see and this is such a great way to store and display at the same time! Off to the Rose Bowl Flea market!

Zoe Lacchei

Zoe Lacchei -Geisha Project

The intent of the "Geisha Project" is to reveal the hidden Geisha's world and to melt it with the recurring themes of Japanese imaginary. The culture of the rising sun people remains anchored to a strong past made of traditions codified in hundredses of years, which do not give the step to a frenetic and technological present. Be a Geisha, living in an eternal shade and rigour world, made of unchanged and immortal gestures, to vote its existence to the art provokes an intense attraction wish, it produces the instinct to show some so impalpable creatures in contact with the darkness which wants to corrupt them.