Monday, January 19, 2009

Salted Chocolate, Peanut and Pistachio Nougat Ice Cream

OMG I want to try and make this next weekend.
I LOVE pistachios!
but, pistachios and chocolate!?

Thanks to Canelle et Vanille

Nina by Nina Ricci. Featuring Ruslana Korshunova.

Dolce Mia Fine Soaps

I just found out about Dolce Mia Fine Soaps. I LOVE the packaging and wonder if they smell as pretty as they look. I am a sucker for lavender and am ordering some of that right now! If I like the soap a lot, maybe I will carry it on Let me know if you think Jonesie should carry fun items that make you pretty, other than just the clips.

100% real soap from a family recipe producing creamy, moisture-rich soap for over 40 years! Made with pure plant-derived vegetable oils. No detergents and no animal testing.

Schoos Design

Schoos Design
has made me see how lazy I have been regarding the design of my home and patio. Wowsie wow they really show you how you can do alot with a small space!!! Thomas Schoos' first residential project was the home of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett (!!!). These pix are from that design. I am going to start immediately rethinking my space.

Found at Desire to Inspire!

...don't forget to click on the images to see a bigger version with more detail!

Dan Duchars

Dan Duchars interior photography is gorgeous.
I want to move into this room...yummy!


What a pretty way to bring life to your lighting and personalize your style! I wish I thought of this!!!

(Dutch for candle sleeve) has a beautiful collection of replacement candle sleeves for your light fixture. The collection is fairly inexpensive at $12-23USD per pair/retail.

It would be really easy to do this yourself too since they state in the FAQ its made of simple art paper and cardboard. Of course, for busy people like myself. I wouldjust buy them :)