Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Trees

I made two trees this year and
am finally uploading the pictures :)

One is small and made of feathers
and I covered it with Butterflies
- that is my Jonesie Cake Tree.

The other is more traditional with a spin.
I covered it with feathers...of course, my cat -
Lucky - started ripping most of them off the bottom.

Eco-Friendly Furniture in Financially Challenged Times!

click images to see the detail!

I was cleaning out the bookshelves today and putting a few online to be sold. I really needed a side table for my big leather chair, but money is tight right now. I had seen this done in a store once and thought I would try it. I stacked all of my favorite BIG art books and then tied them down with two old belts. I love the look of it and it's eco-friendly too!

Ink Dish

click the image to see the detail!

I didn't get myself the bike yet. I decided to be practical and wait at least until the weather was a little warmer. But I did treat myself to some Ink Dish! Yay! These are the prettiest dishes ever designed by Paul Timman.
I wanted the whole set, but could only afford the cups and side plates for now. Lovely!

Violise Lunn

Wow! I have been exploring making my own millinery flowers for a new line of couture clips and headgear. these pieces will be more delicate and expensive, but it's a passion of mine. Violise Lunn has the most beautiful work on her site.

Violise Lunn was born in Copenhagen in1969, and graduated as a fashion designer in 1995 from Denmark's Design School . She has run her own studio in Copenhagen since 1997, where she specialises in the design and making of one of a kind pieces of clothing for women.

I Heart Heavely Hostess

I had an idea way back when to do this, but got distracted by my many other projects. I still have a fabulous collection of vintage apron sewing patterns I got on eBay from an estate sale. maybe one day. Anyways, Heavenly Hostess truly has the most heavenly aprons around!
I am definitely going to try and see them in person at the LA Mart in January.