Friday, April 11, 2008

Bon Bon Bar

More hand-made stuff! Only this time it's chocolate. I love food and this has got to be the best stuff I have ever had in my life! There is a little gourmet shop around the corner from my work and everyone in the office was talking about this lady demo-ing her goodies.

I walked over and met Nina.
She makes all of her goodies from scratch and packages them herself!
You MUST try the Scotch Candy Bar and The Passion Fruit Marshmellows!

I LOVE her story. She has a similar approach to life as myself. Do what makes you happy! Daytime jobs AND Nighttime projects? Oh Yes, Nina! I know ALL about that!

I myself - started out pre-law in college, then went to art school, then became and animator, now I design hair clips, animate and paint - all at the same time. Serial Entrepreneurs will rule the world! Nina also has a blog she started ( just like my painting blog!) where she shares her experiences while she learns.

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